A retrofit is the practice of modifying the existing system, by replacing inefficient lamps and ballasts with more energy-efficient ones........


Energy Efficient Lighting

Evans Electrical’s experience underscores the importance of efficient – and cost-effective – lighting. Lighting typically represents 40 to 60 per cent of electricity costs for office buildings, 50 to 70 per cent for common areas in condominiums and apartment buildings, and 80 per cent for warehouses.

Because it accounts for so much building energy use, lighting presents a huge opportunity for savings. Recent technological advances mean that an excellent quality of light can be attained at a fraction of the cost of standard technologies. Energy efficient lighting products last longer, which keeps maintenance costs low.

Good lighting is a fundamental necessity in any kind of building and for all types of businesses. The question for property owners and managers is: when does it make sense to retrofit the existing system, and when is it better to replace the entire system?

Evans Electrical Services works in conjunction with corporate and business partners to provide you with energy efficient and financially viable lighting solutions. We apply our professional experience and technical knowledge to determine the most effective option for your facility. Whether it is a retrofit or replacement, we also ensure that the resulting lighting level will meet Workers' Compensation Board standards and provide optimal comfort.

Let Evans Electrical help your company to attain energy efficient lighting solutions!

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